How to build a Thai stilt house in Pu Luong

The Thai stilt house in Pu Luong is a traditional architectural style of the Thai ethnic group living in the Pu Luong region of Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. This type of house is built on a raised platform, supported by main columns, with walls made of bamboo or thatch panels, and a roof made of thatch or corrugated iron sheets.

Here is a guide on how to build a Thai stilt house in Pu Luong:

Step 1: Prepare materials

  • Wood for columns, footings, floorboards, and walls.
  • Bamboo or thatch panels for walls.
  • Thatch or corrugated iron sheets for the roof.
  • Building tools such as an axe, hammer, saw, knife, etc.

Step 2: Build the floor

  • Dig the ground to create a spacious yard for building the house.
  • Install wooden footings to serve as the foundation of the house.
  • Lay down floorboards on the footings to create the floor of the house.

Step 3: Install columns and walls

  • Erect the main wooden columns to serve as the main support of the house.
  • Install wooden secondary columns to serve as footings for the walls.
  • Attach bamboo or thatch panels to the columns to create the walls of the house.

Step 4: Install the roof

  • Build a wooden frame to serve as the roof support structure.
  • Install thatch or corrugated iron sheets on the wooden frame to create the roof of the house.
  • Install drainage outlets at the corners of the roof.

Step 5: Finish the construction

  • Check the entire construction and make minor repairs if necessary.
  • Paint the remaining parts of the house.
  • Decorate and furnish the interior of the house.

That’s how to build a Thai stilt house in Pu Luong. However, to build a stilt house correctly and safely, you should seek support from skilled carpenters and experienced people.


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