Half-day Cycling To Visit Silk Village, The Palm Forest

Embark on a half-day cycling tour from Ban Don to explore the beautiful villages of Lan. Start by cycling to Lan Village, the home of the Thai ethnic group and one of the most famous silk villages in Vietnam. Upon arrival, visit a local silk-weaving household to see the process of making traditional Thai silk from cocoon to finished product. Witness the silk being dyed, woven, and turned into beautiful scarves, bags, and other textiles. Then, explore the surrounding area, including the local rice paddies, streams, and traditional houses before cycling to Uoi Village.

Uoi Village is located at the foot of the mountain and is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pu Luong. From Uoi Village, you can look down and see a picturesque view of winding terraced fields and majestic limestone mountains that resemble Halong Bay’s rocky islands. Behind Uoi Village is a palm forest that locals have planted to use as roofing for their houses and create a green space for the village. Additionally, there is a stream flowing through the terraced fields where tourists can freely enjoy playing and swimming.

During your visit to Uoi Village, you can immerse yourself in the peaceful and serene nature of the village without pollution and modern devices. You can explore the traditional stilt houses, learn about the daily life of the locals, and even talk, drink and make friends with the hospitable villagers. After the visit, cycle back to your lodge, concluding a memorable and enriching half-day cycling tour.


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